Get Your Metabolism Cooking With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent skin moisturizer and it can help to reduce dry and cracked skin. As a component of a healthy diet, this unique oil is still considered somewhat outlandish by many westerners. The benefits of adding it to your diet are numerous and potentially life-changing. Parts of the world, such as theContinue reading “Get Your Metabolism Cooking With Coconut Oil”

Do You Make These Four Common Weight Loss Mistakes

If you feel stuck in a rut or displeased with your results, there’s a good chance you make one or more of the following weight loss mistakes.  Maybe it’s time to try: Custom Keto Diet Mistake #1: Not being in a calorie deficit  No matter how “clean” you eat and how much you exercise, you’llContinue reading “Do You Make These Four Common Weight Loss Mistakes”